Craft diy: How to make rosette Ankara earrings and neck piece

 rosette Ankara neckpiece
 Rosette Ankara neck piece

Materials you will need:
- Ankara fabric (Quite Small to go round your earring or pieces from your tailors shop) make sure to select the pieces with lovely, regular pattern.
-A hoop earring
-  Uhu gum (a garment friendly adhesive) 
- measuring tape 
- scissors 
- thread in the same color as fabric 
-  buttons or other embellishments 
- sewing needle 
- ribbon in choice color 
-  1/4 yard of fabric -
- fabric pen (optional) 

Procedure for earrings:
1. Cut through the fabric vertically, long enough to go round the earring.
2. Cut the tip of the already cutout vertical fabric into an inverted triangle shape, this is to make it tip smaller and easier to start wrapping at the beginning part of the hoop earring
3. Apply little amount of Uhu Gum to the tip of the fabric and start wrapping tightly and neatly. 

Procedure for centerpiece:
1. Cut out circles in various sizes from the fabric. To help, you can take any round object in your home.
2. Sew a running stitch along the edges, pull to form a rosette. 
3. Repeat (2) for other circles, to make a sizable number of rosettes. 
4. Attach buttons, beads to accessorize.
5. Thread various rosettes together, sew on ribbon to make a lovely neck piece. 

Circular wrapped Ankara earring
Circular wrapped Ankara earring