Matchmaking: Why I stopped Hooking my friends together

I used to think once you find a cute, hardworking, fully employed man and a beautiful looking, attractive, not so lazy female, there will be instant attraction and the wedding bells will soon start ringing.

Matchmaking: Why I stopped Hooking my friends together
To my dismay, I found out that matchmaking does not really work that way. After reading a post on a Friends facebook wall, I decided to share why I quit trying to match make my friends.

The first time I tried it, it was post secondary school, two of my classmates had crush on each other , but had difficulty in expressing their feelings to each other. True friend that I was, i decoded to play "Alarina" , courtesy of Yoruba lessons, I was the go between, the pickup and delivery service for gifts and letters, the phone operator. Eventually when they decided to start dating and agreed to be boyfriend/girlfriend, they forgot to inform me, So imagine my surprise, when they both heaped the blames on me when relationship turned awry. My fault, I didn't tell them the other person's faults. I didn't collect money or gift for my efforts in the first place, nevertheless, I helped soothe broken hearts, wiped few tears and consoled friends.

Fast forward few years later, as if I haven't learnt my lesson, I decided to match make some of my friends on my contact list. Some turned out to be good friends, others went on mutual beneficial dates and hangouts, but the few who were displeasing were the guys who will ask ladies for money, or the lady who will give the outline of what she wants for valentine, though it is months away or guys requesting for nudes, asking inane questions and continually disturbing me for ladies's contacts like as if I manufacture them . Most are not patient, some want sex now now, others are confused on what they want.

So now, I just face my own business, if you see anyone you like on my friends list , please add yourselves, whatever goes on between you two is none of my concern, till you call me for the wedding proper. That is where my business begins.

Kudos to all the matchmaking queens and kings.