Wedding Inspiration: How Perfect do you want your wedding Cake?

A perfect wedding cake is an important factor in having a perfect wedding, so if you are a bride preparing for the big day, How will you like your wedding cake to be like?
Frosted or soft as butter?
Chocolate flavoured , vanilla f/ strawberry/ red velvet flavored or mix of flavors?
Giant stands of cupcakes, tiered cakes or 
Wedding Inspiration: How Perfect do you want your wedding Cake?
Gigantic traditional wedding cake topped with an ornament
Traditional white / cream color or modern cake infused with lots of colors?
With or without flowers (roses, orchids)?
Oranament looking cake or model cakes ( Some cakes are a replica of favorite ornaments or objects such as jewelry box, bible, church, castle or a life size model of the bride?
High cakes reaching to the ceiling or simple and classy cakes?
Cake with magnificent backdrop or  cake with simple decoration?
Cake with or without toppers?
Cake icing- Royal, fondant, marzipan, buttercream

Surely the choices are many, and choosing a perfect cake for the wedding may look like a daunting task, but it is truly simple, when you put  the following factors into  consideration :
  1. Personal choice: Influenced by taste, style, favorite color and wedding theme 
  2. Budget: Determined by cost and current price of cake ingredients
  3. Number of guests
  4. Latest cake trends
  5. Bakery offerings: Depending on the baker/cake master, there may be options of cakes provided for weddings , you need to discuss to know the options available. 

See pictures of some lovely cakes below to inspire you: 

What is your favorite Wedding cake ?