Entrepreneurship: How Passion can be turned into Profit (Jim Ovia and Shina Peters connection)

Have you ever wondered why you are finding it difficult in turning your passion to profit while others have done the same?
How Passion can be turned into Profit

Recently on social media,  a debate raged on how Shina Peters (A Nigerian Juju musician) and Jim Ovia (Founder of Zenith bank)  had the same resources but invested differently.
I do not know how true this story is, but I wondered if anyone has bothered to ask the individuals involved, if they are contented and fulfilled with the path their lives have taken. 

However, I would say am sure both men have been able to achieve success and fulfill their livelong dreams albeit differently. The sweet music provided by Sir Shina has soothed, encouraged and inspired many lives, while Jim's loan and job offers would have provided a  means of livelihood to some individuals  and support to many businesses.

Fulfilling a need and attaining success is not a clear cut path for every one, it may  take different routes for each person to get to the desired destination, but the common factors must be Passion, Patience and Perseverance. In addition to these ideals, a little hard work and learning from others experience will hasten the journey.
On my recent blog post, I shared the experience of a friend who has amasses considerable wealth form liquid soap production , who could have though it? That the same liquid soap that seems common, use for washing and cleaning can help feed homes and make enrich lives.
When you think Unilever and Pz Cussons and you have an idea of what these companies make from their soap products, Needless to say you wont be surprised.
What  is important is having a passion to make a change, creating a product/ service to answer a need, enhancing and marketing this product/service  and in no time, the profits will roll in.
So how do you determine which of your passions to turn into profits? Your passion can be a hobby you enjoy doing, an ideal you set out to achieve, a goal you want to conquer or newly acquired skill.
My passion is helping you find your niche,your greater purpose and turning your passion to profit.
If you will like to take the next step, schedule a one-one interactive strategy session on taking your passion to the next level. Kindly reply to this email , further instructions will be provided.
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