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Liquid soap making is a high yield investment which requires low capital, It can be started as little as low as N3000. Unfortunately, many people do not see the potential in this business. Recently, a friend, Imalah Juliet shared her story of how she has been able to feed her family and amass wealth from the sale of liquid soaps.She is also kind  enough to share the process of making liquid soaps that is lump free, glossy, shiny and three times more effective than those sold in the market.

 Before you consider liquid soap as a business venture ,ponder on the following questions and answers I have provided To understand fully what the liquid soap making is all about and if you are fit enough to start it.

How much money can be made form liquid soap production?-  A fortune
Who can do it? - Any one
Housewives, Sit at home moms, struggling students, fresh graduates, Nysc corps members, Individuals who are responsible for their family needs, Those seeking viable alternative source of income, young ones, adults, It is gender free.
Is it capital intensive?- No
Does it require much space? -No
Are the materials readily available?- Yes
Is there demand? - More than enough
Homes, restaurants, car washes, churches, schools, public places, Eateries, industries, offices all need liquid soaps.
Who uses liquid soap?- Almost everyone, for washing , cleaning, toilet purposes.

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Liquid soap production-The process of making liquid soap

For 50ltrs liquid soap

2ltrs Sulphonic / Sulfonic acid
1/2kg SLS (Sodium Lauryl sulphate)
1/2kg Antisole. Nitrosol also does the same work . So you can ask for Antisol or Nitrosol
1/4kg Texapon
1/4kg soda ash
Desired Color (Pink, lemon, green, orange) are usual preferred colours

Large containers
A wooden rod or stirrer
Protective gloves
Soap containers
Space to work

Juliet in the process of mixing her soap in a large container. Protective gloves must be worn at all times. 
1. Soak 1/2kg Antisole in 40ltrs of water for 24hrs.
Note! You are to soak for 24hrs not just soaking overnight.

2.  Soak 1/2kg SLS in 2ltrs of water overnight.
When the  Antisole is fully dissolved and glossy, pour  the dissolved SLS inside the dissolved Antisole.

3. Get another bucket, pour 2ltrs of water in it and pour  1/4kg soda ash inside the water and stir until its fully dissolved.

4. Pour 1/4kg texapon inside  the dissolved soda ash and continue to stir until it is thick and creamy white.

5 . Pour the  2ltrs Sulphonic inside d mixed soda ash and texapon and stir vigorously until lather is formed. Then pour d mixture Into the Antisole and stir gently until its mixes well. Pour formalin and stir, pour perfume and stir, mixes desired color in water and den pour inside d soap. Stir everything together and your soap is ready for use

Important tips and functions of the soap ingredients :
1. Always make sure you soak your antisole for complete 24hrs or even more, this is so dat you can get that glossy texture and there won't be lumps.
2. Make sure you mix texapon very well with d soda ash, so it will be smooth and creamy
3. Antisole is Thickener
4. Sulphonic is foaming agent
Note! Its sulphonic acid and not sulphoric acid .
Sulphoric  acid is used for toilet wash
5. SLS is foam booster, it supports sulphonic.
6. Texapon acts on oil and grease
7. Soda ash removes dirt from clothes
8. Formalin is d preservative
9. Keep all materials and ingredients away from kitchen and children. Some of the materials used are dangerous , they must not be inhaled or swallowed. Seek medical help, if this occurs.

You can take this business a further notch up by making cosmetic liquid soaps for bathing. and shampoos.  The difference in the bathing and washing liquid soaps is the addition of ingredients such as glycerin and other products that helps soften skins, evens out complexion and ltones/ Also some ingredients in thre washing liquid soap which are harsh on skin are removed.

A liquid soap line can be initiated to consist of wwashing soaps, shampoos and skin soaps. That's a three in one combo that can easily amass you a fortune. The difference between your soap and that of others is in the selling techniques and packaging.
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