Entrepreneurship :How to start a successful Ankara Aso ebi business

Ankara  Aso ebi business has come to stay and stay it must. Aso ebi (literally translates to family's wear)  is common fabric worn  by a  number of guests to celebrate an event, it can be chosen by the hosts/ celebrants or by the guests themselves as a way of showing solidarity or to stand out at the event. Aso ebi is usually worn at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, coronation parties, burial parties, family gatherings and other social occasions.
The fabrics usually acceptable as aso ebi include lace, George, Ankara, Guinea , Atiku, Aso oke e.t.c
However the Ankara aso ebi is the most versatile and usually chosen due to he following reasons:
 Entrepreneurship :How to start a successful  Ankara Aso ebi business

1.Non - gender bias:  It can be worn by men and women, as is non- gender selective.  Some men advocate that lace is heavy on them and can not be worn after the event, but Ankara in no matter color it comes looks good on both sexes.

2. Variety: Ankara comes in different patterns, colors, prints and makes. You can choose the ones you want based on preference.

3. Cost effective : There is always an Ankara fabric to suit every pocket, while one can find an Ankara of 6 yards for as low as N1000, the highest can be expensive as N15000. There is Ankara fabric that fits everyone's budget, so no need to go overboard in choosing aso ebi for friends and family. No need to break the bank to buy Ankara.

4. Longevity and usage: Ankara can be sewn into any style for male and female, trousers ,  Iro and Buba, skirt and blouse, shirt, gown, sleeveless. Good Ankara fabric can be worn over long periods of time to any occasion or venue. Church, casual events e.t.c

5. It is our cultural heritage and pride of the nation. It helps promotes our national diversity in is beautiful colors and prints.

What determines the Price Of Ankara fabric

1. Source:  Ankara fabrics sourced from outside Nigeria tend to cost more, due to the decline of the Nigerian textile industry, Fabric re sellers and vendors have found ways to import Ankara fabrics from other locations such as Ghana, Cotonou, Senegal, and as far as china and turkey. The cost of the fabric is not so much as in the the other countries, it is either the textile industries are better organised or there is cheaper labour, the high cost is due to import duties, taxes , transportation costs and delivery charges. Most Nigerian textile mills that produce Ankara are based in Lagos and Kano. Popular markets in Lagos that have major Ankara print dealers include Balogun, Idumota, Aswani  and Gbagi market in Ibadan. but first timers may not have a good idea of where to visit and can be easily duped. Also with recent developments, people do not need to travel miles to obtain good Ankara fabrics at wholesale prices. They can be sourced directly or using fabric vendors who act as go between.

2. Manufacturer: Where Ankara fabric is produced, the cost of production, process involved, design and quality of fabric can influence the cost of the Ankara fabric.  There are many Ankara prints in the market, Vlisco by Hollandaise, Mile wood, Daviva to mention but a few. Other wax prints are available in the market that are better and more improved. To deal in Ankara aso ebi, Experience is  necessary to have  a good eye for good fabrics and know which is suitable for what purpose. Having a trusted dealer does not hurt and will help you break into the market faster.

3. Availability : Some wax designs go out of stock faster than others, while a particular design can be available now, in the next two weeks may become unavailable.No wonder Aso ebi dealers inform clients to make deposits on the designs they want once they have decided on the print they love to secure its availability.

4. Trend: This is determined by branding and name , a manufacturer's name or a particular design might be trending , therefore dealers can tend to inflate the costs and make maximum profits till the next wax print takes over.

5. Quantity : Bulk orders are cheaper than smaller quantities

See more beautiful Ankara Aso ebi being sold by a colleague (Price range from N5000- N10000)

How to sell:
1. Sell online: Join Facebook groups and online sales portals to market your products
2. Let your mobile phone work for you, send sms, texts, whatsapp chats to propagate your business
3. Open a Instagram page and post quality pictures of the fabrics in store.
4. Sell from a physical store (Shop or home) or a mobile store ( car, or move from office to office)
5. Make delivery easy for your clients.
6. Partner with event planners, wedding gurus and other professionals in related industries to assist you in telling their clients and referrals.
7. Advertise in notable blogs and sites like this 
8.Attend business sessions , and trainigs on marketing, targeting and sourcing for clients to help you build a viable brand.

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