Entrepreneurship: 5 proven tips to succeed as a shoe seller

"The feet is king for a shoe seller that knows his/her worth" - Typearls lifestyle 

5 proven tips to succeed as a shoe seller
Shoe selling is an art that needs to be mastered

To be an effective shoe seller, whether you sell online or own a physical store, here are proven strategies to help you succeed.

1. Be focus: Selling shoes is your priority and your number one job is to sell shoes. Whether you want to focus on male or female shoes, slippers, sandals, office shoes, high heels, clogs, plums, flat heels, sporting shoes, orthopedic shoes, or shoes for special needs people. 

2. Never assume: Always confirm the sizes of your clients, be certain. there are different variations in shoe sizes depending on the country, there is UK/British standard, American standard and European size. To avoid returns and ensure customers' satisfaction. Always be proactive. 
3. Keep your options open: Dont be limited to one source of shoe supplier, you can find amazing shoe discounts online , in shoe stores, directly from manufacturers a, at auction outlets, designer wears and so on. Dont limit yourself to one sales funnel, explore and experiment with different sale strategies. Get in touch with shoe stores, sites and big fashion vendors to give you space to advertise or sell your shoes . 
4. Arouse curiosity  By keeping up with current, modern trends, latest shoe wears, new and upcoming designers stock, you can continue to inform and enlighten your buyers on new shoes you are stocking on.  
6. The feet is king:  Think of ways to Pamper the feet, cater for it, sell only comfortable shoes. Do not sell shoes that have low shelf life, peel easily or are not easily replaced.

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