Wedding Planning: All you need to know about having The Famed Ikoyi Registry Marriage

Ikoyi Registry happens to be the preferred destination for most Nigerian couples based in or outside the country to have their marriage. The Ikoyi registry is currently manged by the ministry of Interior.

Ogbonna Kanu and Laura Ikeji at their registry wedding recently.
Ogbonna Kanu and Laura Ikeji at their registry wedding recently.
Notice the Ikoyi registry billboard at the background
I happened to be passing the Falomo-Ikoyi Road, and my curiosity was aroused when I met a gridlock of traffic caused by well dressed individuals carrying foods and drinks, lots of security officers directing traffic and couples dressed in wedding attire. I wondered what could be going on until I observed closely and saw to my surprise  a billboard advertising the "popular " Ikoyi marriage registry. Ha Ha! No wonder the car and human holdup.

 To think That I have passed the same road numerous times and yet not observant as to the reason of the traffic holdup experienced frequently on that route. I couldn't allow such opportunity to pass, so I diverted and decided to find out on behalf of you readers what  the all  Hullabaloo about Ikoyi Registry was about and what it takes to have a famed Ikoyi Wedding.

A. Why Ikoyi Registry?
 It is one of the few federal marriage registries In Nigeria, the others being in Abuja, most Nigerians have the erroneous belief, though not totally biased, that weddings held in federal marriage registries are the most recognized and acceptable legal wedding ceremonies. There exists state and local government marriage registries also that basically performs the same function of joining couples together and totally recognized by the laws of the land. However , by many people's standards , it is either Ikoyi or nothing at all. I believe the more reason why most intending couples chose Ikoyi registry is for traveling purposes, as many countries require a marriage certificate as legal proof/evidence of the relationship between two individuals. and as such federal marriage licenses may be preferred.

B. Location: 
Ikoyi federal marriage registry is located along the Kingsway  road, just after Golden gate restaurant, Nnpc filling station and just before climbing he bridge that leads to Barbeach /Lawschool coming from Falomo road.

C. Criteria / Requirements for a Ikoyi registry
For couple based in Nigeria

1. Birth certificates/ Age declaration  of both spouses and children (If applicable). The spouses must be above age of consent and of marriageable

  Ikoyi Registry Marriage
2. Sworn affidavits to declare Spinsterhood/ Bachelorhood/Widowhood/Divorce state/Number of children  ( As applicable to the spouses). -N1000 Each 
3. Divorce certificate or Death certificate of a previous partner (If applicable)
4. Oath taking: Done only on Tuesdays 
5. Marriage license: Church notification fee (N21,000) and Processing fee  (N10,000)
6. Notice of marriage forms (This includes data such as full names,Ages,  addresses, phone numbers, names of witnesses, occupations, and signing of consent)
7. A waiting period of 21 days after all payments have been done before the wedding can take place. Couple must have taken the Oath/ swearing in  prior to the wedding. 

The days slated for wedding are as follows: 
The first three days are booked at a N1000 each, while Saturday being the busiest day and a weekend  is N3500.

For couple ( Either or both spouse)  based outside Nigeria

1. The above items.
2. Photocopies of the data page, stamped entry page  and visas on the passports of the partners including those of children (If applicable)

D. Other points to be considered:

1. The total cost of a Ikoyi marriage is on the average about N35000, except in cases where you want to expedite the wedding, that is have it in few days, you pay special and expedited fees. Another N20000 or depending on your power of negotiation. So plan ahead to avoid rush and inconveniences. You willl be given a generated token/code to make the required payments at any bank , you are required to bring back tellers for paperwork and processing.

2. There are numerous vendors that abound in Ikoyi registry.All you need is already awaiting you there.  Food sellers, touts, makeup artists, business centers, wedding gowns/ accessorizes dealers, reception hall (Charged for use at a fee) , photographers. Some services come cheap while others are exploitative, the food prices is moderate but other things are charged at a higher cost.
 To rent a wedding gown is N10000- N15000 (Depending on the use, purpose, duration and days), Bouquets is N1000 for rent. You may consider getting most of the items you need before coming to the venue to avoid exploitation and being at the mercy of  who you happen to find on such an important date.

3. Parking is limited, in fact the facilities are small compared to the volume of human traffic that visit the registry office. So consider going with as few friends/ family members as possible. Use just one or two cars or else you will end up looking for parking space elsewhere. Also there are not enough sitting spaces or toilet facilities, you will likely be standing throughout, so wear clothing/shoes as comfortable as possible and be prepared to leave once your business is done.

4. On the average, 100 weddings take place per day, the lowest during the week, 70 weddings and the largest during weekends as high as 200/300 weddings (And they say there is no love again -Just wondering ). Each wedding lasts for about 5- 10 minutes , without much fuss. Couples must arrive early to take positions or numbers , each wedding is On "First come, first serve basis", except you also influence officials to hustle you along, which is not advisable to do as honorable individuals planning to have a new start.

5. You can choose to have a registry marriage which is the recognized legal marriage by the court of laws and rule of the land. Or have a church wedding in licensed religious places of worship which will also give the couple a certificate marriage obtained previously from the registry office. So find out if your church/mosque is licensed . If not , any activity in the church is just a church blessing, you will still need to have the legal framework for your marriage satisfied, therefore the registry wedding.

E. What and who to bring to the wedding:
1. A token of wedding (Ring/ Quran /Bible)
2.Two  witnesses , one from each side of the spouse.
3. Food/ Drinks/ Refreshments/ Photographers (Optional)

F.  What to wear: 
Female:  Any of the following will do
a. Complete three piece Skirt , shirt and suit b. Wedding gown  c. A formal  /corporate attire/gown or d. A native attire with head covering /Gele .
Shoes: Comfortable heels

Male:  Any of the following will do
a. Complete three piece Shirt ,Trousers and suit
b. A native attire complete with cap.

(No to jeans, short sleeves, minis, sleeveless or nude clothing, slippers, sandals, )


As of 2017, Nigeria does not recognize transgender, same sex marriages and re therefore not authorised or carried out at the marriage registry centers.

The fees and information provided  in this post  are true as at April 2017. They are subject to change , to confirm, visit  the the registry office for detailed  and updated information .


Nice post.... Thanks
Anonymous said…
Pls I want to find out if my presence is needed for the sworn affidavit and oath taking and other processes This is because I am based in Abuja while my fiancee is based in Lagos, we decided to do it at the Ikoyi registry and the plan is for me to arrive on a Thursday, for the event on a Friday. This is due to the nature of my job and the long distance. I just want to know if the process can be done in my absence then I show up on the D-day. Tho he will be in possession mf my passport, birth cert. And other available requirements, but my signature which is needed for other processes is my concern.
Dare Jide said…
How much does the hall cost?
Anonymous said…
Pls I n my fiance wish to collect our licence to wed in my church but my problem is dat he isn't in Lagos at the moment due to work .I want to know if I can get a license in his absence I have affidavit of spinsterhood n bachelorhood n all other necessary documents with Mr
fajuyi sanmi said…
Does Collecting licence from church equates court marriage in R.C.C.G?
Anonymous said…
This is very helpful. Thank you so much for taking the pain to post this.

Both parties need to be present to take oath and actual ceremony. So if you are planning to do a registry wedding and live in afar distance, schedule a week's leave of absence to be available for both the oath taking and actual court ceremony. However for the signing of the forms, it can be collected , sent for signatures and returned back. That is it is not necessary to do the filling and signing at the court premises.
The hall costs ranges from N40000-N100000 depending on availability, it is first come , first served.

Rccg recognizes registry marriages, you can either do it at a registry or sign the forms in church, however most couple opt to do the actual registry.