10 odd Materials used In Making Ankara Accesories and How to source them cheaply

In my previous post, I displayed some new Ankara Earrings and neck pieces  that I have been working on , you might be probably be wondering, how I get my materials and what I exactly use in my Ankara crafts/accessory projects . Given that Accessories making materials are not easily and readily available in The Nigerian market, but you will also be surprised that with some resourcefulness, one can come up with creative ideas to turn  old and recyclable materials into attractive accessories.

Here are 8 amazing materials that I use and ideas on where I get them for almost free or at relatively cheap prices . Surely with some creativity, no material will surely go to waste and every inspired piece will turn to a lovely Ankara accessory.

1. Wire : Wire is so flexible ,  a  very good accessory maker and it can be shaped into any desired shape. Telephone wire, cable wire, unused power cables.

2. Leather : Sourced from discarded bags, purses, chair, furniture, shoes.

3. Jewelry Accessories: Sourced  from shoes, purses , discarded jewelry such as handles, chain hooks, rivets, magnets, felts, chords, clasps, elastic cords, felt, children's hair accessories  can be reuse to make new Ankara jewelry.

4. Paper: From cardboard, cereal boxes, cd covers, cards, files, folder, disc album cover

5. Metal: Soda can, jewelry wire, copper wire, Metal cans.

6. Fabric: 

- Old wrappers
- Cutaways at Fashion houses (Just ask any tailor/seamstress to give you fabric pieces that are no longer in use, select the ones you want before they sweep and throw them away)
- Old Aso ebi outfits (You can ask family members, friend and colleagues to donate their aso ebi outfits they are no longer wearing or ha become tight for them to you).
- Gele  (Gele , African headgear is a reliable source of almost  fabric as most people don't wear the gele as often as the other remaining outfit like Iro and Buba, so it almost looks new and unused).
- Old but durable fabric from your  no longer to be worn jeans, Aso-Oke , Tshirts.

7. Feathers : Colored or sprayed with with some fabric paint, they turn as as beautiful accessories. Old hats, clothes are relative;y sources of obtaining feathers, thankfully, they have no expiry date an dstill retain same shape, texture when maintained properly.

8. Wood: Carpenters'workshops, sawmills, old furniture around the house/office.

9. Ribbon: Hair bands, ruffles, old jewelry

10. Plastic : Old bangles, old jewelry, Cans , Bottles, plastic covers.

Finally, when is the price of Fabric Glue going to decrease? Uhu gum , large size (125ml) now costs N1500. E6000, fabric gum costs N2000.