Fashion trendsetter: 7 New beautiful Ankara earring and neck piece designs

Bow tie hoop  earrings
Bow tie hoop  earrings
To those who believed the Ankara trend was a fad, that will come and go. Here is really disappointing news, may years after it is still going strong. The Ankara fashion trend has been embraced by young and old, natives and non-Indigenes of Africa because Ankara is Cool, Beautiful and The new Fashion order. Recently, the World's most fashionable couple, Jayz and Beyonce had a push party (anytime their baby will soon drop)  and would you believe it? The party was a African themed party with lots of the guests wearing African print dresses and accessories too, And I am sure quite a number will be putting on Ankara earrings. 

Below are some of the African inspired Ankara earrings and neck pieces I have been working on, they include different designs in different styles, shapes and made with various materials. However the main material is the Ankara fabric. 
See pictures below;

Circular Ankara earrings
Circular Ankara earrings 

Square  Ankara earrings ., accessorize with bead

Flower pattern (Rosette) ankara neck piece, made more beautiful with colorful  beads
Flower pattern (Rosette) ankara neck piece, made more beautiful with colorful  beads 

Ankara neck piece with felt and chain 

Circular hoop earrings

Circular hoop earrings 

Earrings made from  a combination of leather and Jeans
Earrings made from  a combination of leather and Jeans

African Oval shaped rope earring
African Oval shaped rope earring 

Do you know that the Federal Government has encourgaed workers to wear Made In Nigeria outfits on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays? This is a welcome development and definitely an initiative to improve the local fashion industry and fashion entrepreneurs such as my self. 

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P:s: Orders take between 1 day- 1 week depending on  the availability and complexity of designs. 

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