December wedding: 10 reasons why Nigerians prefer Christmas Weddings

Christmas Weddings Make us Believe in Magic, no wonder Many Nigerians consider December to be the most wonderful time of the year to to get married.
A Christmas wedding is different and the guests are more likely to remember it Just because it the season of cheer, good will and sharing love among men. A December wedding is a Break from the norm. It will be a seasonal highlight, giving you and your guests a great excuse for a pre or post-Christmas celebration.
A December Wedding Will Naturally Stand Out . The entire wedding, from ceremony to reception, is guaranteed to make an impression in the memories of all your guests simply because it's different from all of the spring and summer weddings they typically attend. Plus, your wedding will provide something to look forward to through the year.
Nigerian wedding : 10  reasons why and why not  you must consider having your Nigerian wedding in December

Ten reasons why December is the most ideal month for a Nigerian wedding : 

1. Great discounts:
Money Matters, Many venues and suppliers will have low season rates and may even be offering special packages. Although December is one of the busiest months of the year for a wedding, You'll find that many vendors are willing to cut you a deal during this season.
Many Nigerian vendors (venues, photographers and wedding shops) to name a few are ready to give Christmas bonuses, discounts, give aways, sales just to be "sold out" for the year. You can decide to take advantage of these offers and seize the opportunities as early as possible. Wedding dresses, accessories, brides maid outfits, ready to wear wedding gowns, grooms suits are some of the items that are easily sold for less especially when the wedding shops are trying to clear out old stock in preparation for the new year.

2. Temperate weather:  
December does not fall in the rainy season in Nigeria, therefore the troubling thoughts of having rains disturbing your special day, heavy storms rooting out canopies is a less likely experience. However the motto is "Be prepared" . Anything can happen , any eventuality can occur. Choose ideal venues that are rock solid and will not hamper the wedding ceremony even when an unforeseen situation arises.

3. Perfect Honeymoon season: 

This is true especially for those who are planning destination honeymoon. Flights from Nigeria to other countries are usually cheaper during December, as most people are rather flying home instead of flying out. So many airlines give incentives such a  low air fares to encourage people travel out. More so a couple has a wide variety of honey moon packages to choose from as there are lot of tour packages available during this season, the good cheer and the joy in people during this season will also help lift the spirit of the couple especially if they are trying so hard to forget the costs incurred or spent in the planning of their wedding.
Your Timing is Perfect for an Island Honeymoon
Another big reason to love a winter wedding is the idea of an island honeymoon! Justify an escape from the cold harmattan , and fly to a warm and sunny island for a sweet honeymoon adventure.

4. Availability of accessories: 

There are lots of fun and quirky elements you can introduce to a December wedding, such as a snow globe as a topper and mugs of homemade  wine or hot chocolate instead of sparkling wine or champagne. Christmas time provides an opportunity to get creative with your wedding accessories such as bouquets, tiaras, bouquet; You can easily introduce feathers, silk flowers, crystals or even Christmas baubles, Christmas decor items as they are more readily available during Xmas seasons. 
Fun theming ideas,With a December  wedding comes the opportunity to add unique twists and touches to your day to make it individual. Crystals, fairy lights, candles, frosting and Christmas decorations all have their place at a Christmas wedding, more so than any other season. For those who want to offer their guests something more quirky, there are options for ice sculptures, hot chocolate, warmed doughnut treats or you could even arrive by sleigh?! Anything goes (well, nearly anything!)

5. Certainty of having more guests: 
Traditionally in the Nigeria , December is the most popular time of year for families to make the effort to be together to share quality time over the festive period. Most families travel to be close to each other Why not take advantage of that and give them an extra special reason to travel.
You're more likely to get all the people you really want at your wedding, as there is less likelihood that your wedding clashes with another one or someone's summer holiday. Also as December is the holiday period in Nigeria especially for teachers, students and Nigerians abroad who ae coming home for vacation, Many Nigerians prefer to schedule social activities around these month to get as many of their closed ones present as much as possible. So don't be surprised if there are weddings holding back to back in December. Every weekend is usually not a free weekend as it is ti filled with invites to parties and lots of weddings.

6. Great timing : 
Having your wedding in December means you have more time and the event planner to also acquire more experience during the year. The event vendor will have had the opportunity of learning form the challenges of previous weddings or experiences and try his/ her utmost best to finish on a strong note and have a perfect wedding as a wonderful testament to the quality of his/her services.
Less brides asking questions means that every wedding supplier that you use will have more time, enabling them to provide a higher level of personalized service than usual.

 7. Seasonal Décor Gives Your Wedding a Unique Touch
A December wedding allows you to experiment with a themed décor. An easy way to incorporate this is with natural components, such as frosted pine cones, pine leaves, snowflakes, or holiday lights to enhance your Christmas  wedding wonderland.
When planning a color scheme for your wedding, the neutrality of the Ember months complements a variety of shades — from simple to glamorous, any color is sure to pop! Try incorporating your colors with green foliage to emphasize the seasonal element

8. Personalized gifts and souvenirs
Since you're saving money on your vendors, you can invest in the details that'll make your wedding feel more personal. Try accessorizing your wedding party with commemorative scarves. For favors, give out presents that your guests can use throughout the Xmas season, the present will serve a two in one purpose, double as a christmas and wedding gift.

  9. Your Fashion Options are Endless
While there is a typical weather-driven dress style for every other season — sleeveless for sApril- weddings , strapless for August- October weddings  — a December  wedding allows for the bride to experiment with various glamorous looks. Wear long sleeves, or wear that strapless gown and accessorize with an embroidered jacket wedding tope encrusted with gems/pearls/stones, or upper arm gloves for a warm yet stylish look

10. Great pictures: 
As there will be less rain, the Sunlight  will surely Work in Your Favor.
December mornings have great natural lighting; take advantage of this by snapping your group /couple photos earlier in the day. Plus, since the sun sets earlier, you can usually capture a gorgeous sunset during your ceremony (If it is an outdoor event)

Cons of a December wedding:

1. Getting a venue: Most halls are already booked during Christmas season, even some get overbooked , so if you are planning a December wedding, the time to start planning it is now, or at least six months  to a year before the set date and the first thing to do is to secure the venue. Make the necessary deposits , if possible a full payment to ensure you have securely book the venue. 
Outdoor weddings are  an alternative, but not so advisable if you are using public parks, fun factories, beaches, gardens and public theaters .Most of these venues , if not overbooked have the public fun goers overrunning the place, this does not seem ideal as your wedding is meant to be special, more so the crowd control will be ineffective and there wont be enough food/drinks to serve everyone. There is the additional problem of differentiating between invited guests and the "Mo gbo mo ya" wedding crashers. 

2. Expensive items ; Some items will definitely have their prices go up, accessories and fabrics in colors red, green, white,  gold which are traditional Christmas colours will become highly priced in the market. You might need to change your colors or wedding theme to get moderately priced items. 
Also the prices of food stuffs, drinks, gifts, souvenirs also tend to go up. You can forestall this by making all your booking early, buy as many non-perishable such as wedding gifts as you can buy before the Christmas season comes around. So your shopping can start as early as June- august before the "Ember"  months associated with Christmas comes around. 

3. Overpriced vendors:  Many Nigerian wedding vendors, due to the influx of jobs at this period tend to increase their prices. This is understandable as many products , hence services tend to have am increase in their monetary value. Transportation, delivery, logistics costs tend to increase, therefore the vendors also will definitely upp their prices. The best way around this is to ask for discounts and slo book ahead, have a contract agreement signed binding you and the event vendor for that period, Therefore no party can renege on the contract without damages, refunds or some sort of satisfying agreement reached. 

7  Perfect tips to plan the Ultimate December wedding:

1. Start your planning early 

2. Make deposits and confirm event vendors including your wedding planner before August. 

3. Never choose December 25th as your wedding date: This day many people want to be at home or out with their families and loved ones .

4. Have your wedding rites in one location, preferably in one venue: Most Nigerians are skeptical traveling during the Xmas season, so the fewer trips they make, the more glad they are.  Whatever you are going to have to do, court registry, bridal showers, traditional engagement, dowry payment, Introduction, church reception/Niqqah , bachelor eve and you want to do in December. Do them all in one location not using more one or two venue. It is preferable to condense few activities into December,you can have some of the wedding rites such as the registry months before, or not require the presence of guests at most pf these events. Just invite them for the one you consider as the cost important, not-to-be missed event church as the grand wedding reception itself. 

5. Always have a Plan A, B,C : The weather may or not be friendly,but your guests must be protected from the elements at all costs no matter the venue you choose. 
Have alternate venue options, so if one venue comes up with an excuse, you have an alternate choice to fall back on. 

6. Have lots of fluids at your wedding: December is a typical Harmattan period, guests gets dehydrated faster, Water, drinks( cocktails, juice, wine) must be on hand and in circulation to quench the thirst of your guests and keep them happy. 
7. The venue chosen must be well aerated : Not clumsy, not overcrowded  and have emergency exits. 

8. Think Two Words: Comfort Food 
A winter wedding provides the perfect opportunity to put a luxury spin on wintry comfort foods

Christmas Weddings Make You Believe in Magic
The ambience around a December   wedding is magical and very romantic. Make sure you highlight and maximize the Christmas elements with faux snow or Christmas lights for a perfect wedding scene.

Will you love a Christmas/December wedding or not?


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