6 Ideas to have the perfect Prom party

1. Choose a dress:  Not necessarily an expensive or designer dress, but it must be moderate and suitable for the occasion. 

6 Ideas to have the perfect Prom date

2. Decide on a  partner:  Choose who you want to go with to the party .

3. Look good:  Do your makeup, hair , facials,

4.Take loads of pictures:  Dont rely on professional pictures only, have your friends take pictures and also with your phones to avoid stories that touch .

5. Pay attention: Dont spend the whole day on social media, typing on phone, being carried away that takes your attention from the partners an friends.

6. Socialize and have fun:  Network and connect with friends, share contacts and social media handles to stay in touch.

7. Have  a plan B and C:  Always have alternative plans.


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