Diy: How to make Half caste cream

Diy: How to make Half caste cream
Halfcast cream contains active ingredients to remove wrinkles, spots,skin discolorations and leave your skin  smooth and glowing.
Within two.months of its use, your skin will be at least two times lighter than what your present skin colour.
The good thing you can makes your cream at home.
Just follow the following instructions and use the ideal original ingredients.

1tbsp Emulsifying  wax,
2tbsp Shea butter,
2tbsp lightening glycerin,
1tsp steric acid,
2tbsp Snow White powder,
2tbsp giga white powder,
2tbsp sepi white powder,
2tbsp Filipino powder and solution ( its also called filipino set)
2tbsp carrots oil,
2tbsp half cast oil.

1. In a double boiler melt your e- wax, shea butter, lightening glycerin, steric acid and stir well to melt into liquid and bring it down
2. In another double boiler put your Snow White, giga white and sepi white powder into a small bowl  add you carrot oik and halfcast oil and set it on the big pot of boiling water on the stove allow to melt then pour it into your base cream that you first melt and mix together very well.
3. Mix your Filipino powder and solution together, it will look like milk, pour into the cream and mix again.
4. Now pour the mixture into your blender and blend well until it give you creamy texture, bring it down and pour into your container allow to cool for 10mins .
5. Pour into desired containers.
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Anonymous said…
i tried doing this but the powders didn't melt at all. it was so frustrating.