Popular essential oils and Organic Ingredients available in 2017 and on sale

There are Huge discounts on skin care ingredients right. 
Just Choose from 15 Products That are from N500 above.
1. Herbs
2. Butters
3. Creams
4. Powders
5. Lightening extracts
6. Measuring spoons
7. Salts
8. Vitamins
9. Fragrances
10. Gels
11. Scales
12. Packaging materials
13. Acids
14. Capsules
15. Essential Oils
 Popular essential oils and Organic products available in 2017 and on sale

Products available include : 
Zinc powder, Turmeric powder, zinc oxide powder, Rose water, cam wood powder, cinnamon powder, moringa powder, Lactic Acid, cane brown sugar, Sandal wood powder, grapeseed oil, miracle powder, carrot seed oil, mango butter, papaya powder, placenta glutathione, miracle oil, glycerin, Bees wax, citric acid, glyceryl oleate, Bear berry extract, Gigawhite, white mulberry extract, Witch Hazel, Emulsify wax, steric acid, marula oil,Almond oil, sunflower oil, dried lavender buds, rose essential oil, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, jojoba essential oil, aloevera oil, sweet almond oil,extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E, mango powder, kaolin clay, Neem oil,carrot oil, Neem powder, KOJIC ACID, vitamin B3, Alpha Arbutin, Beta Arbutin, licorice root powder, Amla powder, Goat milk,pears powder, vitamin C , soap moulds and more. 
Other available products  are listed below:

Who is it for:

Cream promixers

Skin care formulators

Soap makers


Skin care therapists



Lovers of organic products

Health treatment patients : Those suffering from allergic reactions, dyslexia, or just feel comforted/comfortable with making-their soaps/creams from scratch. That way the are sure of what goes into the preparation.