Diy : How to make an Ankara hair fascinators

Materials needed are:

Gum ( uhu,  shoe gum or e6000)
Gum brush
Ankara Fabric
Kariboard or card board
Circular mould
Clip or band
Crinoline for the bow


Step 1
Place the mould on the kariboard , trace out two circular shapes and cut.
Place the  two cut outs together. Make sure they align . Trim off excess.

Step 2
Apply gum on one side of the  card pieces

Step 3

Place  the card ( make sure it the side having the gum ) on the fabric and cut out allowing for extra inches for folding.
Note: Do not use too much gum to avoid it messing up the fabric.

Repeat the above step for the second card pieces.

Step 4

Fold the extra inch of fabric along the card. Notch if necessary.

Step 5
Apply gum along the edges of the card pieces and glue both together .
The sides without fabric should face each other. Only the side with fabric will be exposed.

Step 6
Attachment of hair clip/Alice band/bow

Make a ankara fabric bow and attach a brooch to it
Hot Glue the bow to the fascinator.
C'est fini .
Rock your Ankara hatinator


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