Plan it Perfect it: Typearls event holds Event master class

I had the pleasure of hosting some extraordinary minds recently in the Planit Perfectit event workshop. All were excited on their path to becoming a certified event planner, to learn basic ideas about the Nigerian event industry.

We had so much fun…we laughed together, learned together, and we even ate together. There was so much talent, so much passion, and so much love for creating weddings and events, but more importantly making those events uniquely special for clients.

The following sessions were coordinated by professional event practitioners and experts in their fields. 

Session 1: Adegbaju Christina (Typearls events)
Getting started in the Event business 
Contracts , Negotiation  and Agreements 

Session 2: Tunde Abinibi (Abinibi Events cottage)
Event styling 
Relationship between event planners and event vendors 

Session 3: Jane Uche (Ariya foods)
Practical cooking demonstrations
Food presentation and packaging 

Session 4: Ita Henry (Lashone media)
The power of Images , Videos in social media marketing
Brand optimization 

Session 5: Evelyn Bigha Osa (Kdine events )
Corporate events

Everyone I met shared their journey, struggles, and inspiring stories of who they are today and where they are going in life. The one thing we all had in common was perseverance. There were no quitters in the room. Housewives, young school leavers, career women, practicing event professionals, working men.Everyone gained new knowledge.

The facilitators and sponsors were lit. Amazing people.!

Plan it perfect it 2.0 already in the works.

Wild Juice 
Ariya foods
 Praises Fruit juice

More benefits to come: 
Hynotique cocktails is offering free trainign to the partipants 
A major micro finance/ business consulting company is also ready to offer business mentor ship to future participants 

See more pictures from the event below: