Entrepreneur story: Tailors disappointments, Making own Ankara outfits built my self confidence and gained me customers - Yinka Benedict, Tildadesigns

Yinka Benedict, the lady behind Tilda Designs
Yinka Benedict, the lady behind Tilda Designs

How I  started?
My journey into the fashion industry wasn't planned at all. While I was in the University, I decided to learn how to sew for me, just for me because I was tired of my tailor's disappointments.
I always had to spend the whole day with my tailor (wait for him to cut and sew my dress(es)). Although, my dream was that after graduation from school, I  would work with a big multinational company and build a career for myself but man proposes God disposes. After School, I got a job and and we had opportunity to wear native attires at least three times in a week so I would make dresses and wear to work and my colleagues would give me nice comments even though I  knew in my heart that they weren't up to the standard I desired. It even got to a point when a colleague asked if I was doing a side job for an Ankara company.  At some point, I started telling my colleagues that I made my outfits and that started my journey into fashion world. I started developing myself by attending fashion schools and some short fashion courses so that I would get it right. Many research went on as to how I  could start off. Plenty sleepless nights of trying to develop ideas. Thank God my job was flexible so  I had time to take all the extra courses in fashion designing.
In December, 2016, I lost my job and that gave a better entry into the fashion industry.

What makes my products unique?

The thing that makes my products unique is that I  use quality fabrics whether i'm working with silk, chiffon, lace or Ankara. I want my Customers to get the best. I do not compromise on quality at all.

What do you love about the industry?

What I love about the industry is that fashion designing is not limited to cutting and sewing of fabrics, So many things can be done with fabrics. All you have to do is open your mind and think. So the industry opens my mind to plenty of ideas.

See more pictures of her lovely Ankara creations and outfits below: 

Name: Yinka Benedict
Business name: Tildadesigns
Contact: 08033801171
Instagram and Twitter: tildadesigns
Facebook: tildadesignshq


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