Event planning : 20 Important things a wedding coordinator will do before, during and after a wedding

Duties of a wedding planner before , during and after a wedding  are highlighted as follows:
20  Important things a wedding coordinator  will  do before, during and after a wedding

  • 1. Find you that reception venue with the perfect view, or the one caterer who will work with small budgets.
  • 2. Source for vendors, arrange meetings with  suppliers  and deliveries, and handling any no-shows.
  • 3. Solving  last-minute emergencies
  • 4. Scheduling and  running the rehearsal: She’will  carry out your wishes for the ceremony from organizing the order of procession, music timing , tutoring ushers on how to greet guests and where to seat them. Remind you to have your marriage license in handy for next day celebrations , make sure you get enough rests as well as answer any last minute questions you might have.
  • 5 Setting up the ceremony and reception spaces; 
  • Once it’s time for the ceremony to begin, she will  signal  the Dj/music artiste/band ,  the officiant, and everyone involved in the processional. She will  be there to help if any last minute issues arise. 
  • 6. Making sure that the wedding party is on time and in the right places.
  • 7. Coordinating the reception and wedding  timeline, ensuring everyone keeps to time .
  • 8. Wedding planners can act as peace makers  and  use their negotiating skills to create peace
  • 9. In conjunction with security agents, deal with wedding crashers and unruly guests. She can have  a printed list of guests that security officers can use to check guests in against their names to avoid unwanted guests. 
  • 10. Ensuring that the space is left clean and that  deposits  are refunded. 
  • 11. Collecting personal items  and wedding gifts on behalf of the bride and groom,  making sure they get back to them  safely.
  • 12. Returning rentals and borrowed items.
  • 13. Pull in favors to get discounts or freebies.
  • 14. Wedding coordinators can acts as wedding stylists , Give you ideas, and tell you about current wedding fashion and trends. 
  • 15. Create balance, unified theme and prevent any disjointed elements in the wedding look. 
    • 16. Go over previous arrangements and add details you might have missed.
    • 17. Coordinate the florist, caterer, printers, invitation companies, graphic designers and any other aesthetic vendors
    • 18. Design seating arrangements, stage setup, your tables, lighting and other visual details.
    • 19. Find coordinating and stylish favors/gifts/souvenirs . 
    • 20. She will be the first in at the venue to ensure all arrangements are in place, the last out to ensure all details are taken care of and perform every other as  role assigned to her. 
    • A wedding coordinator should Expect the unexpected and deal with it! 

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