Party food: How to prepare spicy tasty Ponmo alata

Peppered Ponmo been saving parties since '80s. 

Here's how to make the special #Ponmoalata  anyone cant resist. In other words , Ponmo to ka to gb'atami (Peppered skin hide soaked in pepper sauce)

Ingredients needed:
Ponmo (skinhide)- wash in warm water to soften it, clean and remove all dirt. Cut into small pieces.  
Pepper mix
Spices- seasoning cubes, ginger, garlic. 

In a pot, add some oil , onions and fry the pepper mix to make the pepper sauce. 
Add the ponmo pieces,  allow to simmer on a low heat
Add in the  salt, spices and seasonings
Cool for 15-20 minutes until the ponmo is well cooked and soaked up the pepper sauce. 
Serve hot. Garnish with onion drinks. 
Eat with any drink of you choice preferably #redwine. 

Copyright 2017
Adegbaju christina