Event planning: 10 key Things that will help you to plan an epic cool Beach party

1. Venue: 

Think Location location location. Finding the right beach is the most important step to planning  a beach party, there are lots of beaches available in Nigeria, especially in Lagos .
Elegushi , Oniru, Takwa Bay, La campagne Tropicana , Badagry and beyond Pekadis beach in Cotonou and  Hotel coco beach in Lome.

2. Invitations : 
Make a guest list and send them invites . Remember to include instructions , fees/contributions to be made by each guest , date and time schedules Logistics:

3. Logistics ; 
Transport : A bus can be arranged to carry all the guests or people can organise private cars depending on the convenience.
Beach fees and levies: For example, Elegushi beach charges N1000 per guest and N1000 for parking fee, but can be negotiated depending on the number of guests involved and bargaining power.
Shelter : Tree, bar or cabana: A bar can be rented for as low as N30000 and it comes with a Dj and power source.
Beach decorations : Balllons, banners, ribbons, hanging buntings ,

4: Beach wear: The appropriate beach include
Sun shades , tanning lotions, sun screens, hats : To prevent  the skin and eyes from excessive sun rays, over exposure to sun and to get a glowing tan.
Shorts , T shirts, Mini gowns : This enables you to move around easily and have as much fun as you want .
Comfortable slippers, thongs or just go barefooted: Easier to walk wiyh bare feet in the sand, but look out for sharp objects.

The beach wear must be ideal for play in the sand or water, easily washable and free. Never wear fitting clothes or flowing gowns  to avoid packing sand or clothes prone to wrinkles/rumples or those that crease easily.

5 Food and drinks 
Go with lots of food to keep everyone happy, especially fruits and light foods (Rice, chicken, sandwiches, ) not shallow or heavy food as this will make guests feel lazy.
Plenty fluids are also important as people can get dehydrated easily after so much energy is being dissipated. So carry lots of cold water, soft drinks, juices, malted drinks , wine and some alcohol.

6. Beach games: 
X and O
Tug of war
Word play
Dance competition
Picking cowries and sea shells
Horse riding

7. Entertainment: 
Jokes/ Comedy
Sharing memories , gists and discusssions
Music : Either played by a reserved Dj or from phones/speakers

8. Souvenirs/ gifts/presents : These are mementos every one can go home with and use to remember the good memories and fun  shared at the beach.

9.  Time : The best times to have a beach party is early mornings, late afternoon, or at nights when the breeze is colder , however if there will be some sort of shelter available, the time of the day doesn't matter.  The beach are usually more populated during weekends,  festive seasons, carnivals and holidays  and prices shoots up , so you might want to schedule the perfect day when you can be guaranteed of having less interruptions or over crowding, that is if you mind having too much people in one place.

10. Beach precaution tips: 

- Never get too carried by the fun of the moment, be cautious and watchful.
-  Discard all thrash and waste in a disposable waste bag, don't leave around uneaten food, plates, sharp objects, corks  as thy might cause another harm. Pack all waste together and discard them carefully.
- Avoid sharp objects in the sand.
- Don't get over intoxicated or too drunk, excess alcohol can make people perform regrettable acts especially when they are highly inebriated.
- Have  a lifeguard  or exceptional swimmers around if you will be going into the water .
- Watch out for one another, don't go off wandering away with strangers or solitary areas where others cant see or quickly notice what is happening. Inform others if you want to leave or be gone for long periods.
- If you must go into the water, go close to the beach breakers (Obstacles like rocks and huge pile of sand to keep the water at bay ) .

Next time you visit the beach, have maximum fun and you might be lucky to catch some fish .

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Adegbaju Christina
Nigerian Event planner