Upcoming event: Osogbo to play host to 2018 Jci Nigeria southwest conference

FEBRUARY 15- 18 2018, all roads leads to the Osogbo the capital city of Osun state as it plays host to the largest network of young active citizens and leaders who are committed to creating impact and a positive change in the society.
Osogbo to play host to 2018 Jci Nigeria  southwest conference

 Osogbo, sometimes called "Ilu Aro" (home of dyeing), is a major dyeing center. The traditional industry is one of the major industries of Osogbo. A number of industries also began to rise after independence, notably small scale establishments involved in textile, foam making, and pencils. Osogbo was made a major industrial development center by the government of Nigeria during the 1970s. 

Osogbo is also the childhood home of the actor and dramatist Duro Ladipo and the Muslim scholar Sheikh Adelabu. 
Osogbo is the venue of the annual Osun-Osogbo festival along the River Osun. The festival is centered on the sacred grove of the river goddess Ọsun, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 
Prominent Cultural Festivals That Thrill The People Of Osun
Osun has a fairly large population. According to the 2006 National Population Census, the population of the state is put at 3,423,535. The state is rich in human and material resources.
Historical evidence shows that the Yoruba tradition is one of the earliest and dominant traditions in Nigeria. The people of Osun are predominantly Yoruba. The state is composed of Osun, Ifes, Ijesas and Igbominas. Their language is Yoruba but there are variations in intonation and accent in across the towns and cities. Osun is culturally rich and this can be seen in all spheres of life such as arts, literature, music and other social activities in the state. Here is a look at some of the cultural festivals in the state.
Egungun refers to the return of the ancestors in masquerade form and is celebrated by the Yoruba people. In Iragbiji, a town near Osogbo, the Egungun festival is celebrated as the period of interaction between the living and the dead. Many colourful masquerades parade the streets and offer prayers for the living.
The festival takes place in May every year and lasts for seven days. On the final day of the festival, all of the masquerades meet at the Oja-oba (king's market) to entertain the people. The Aragbiji (owner) of Iragbiji and his chiefs arrive at Oja-oba from 5.00pm to receive them and perform the traditional blessing.
Watch out for more updates on festivals in Osun State as the conference approach in grand style full of glamour and memorable moments. 
2018 JCI Nigeria Southwest Conference registration details
City members: NGN6,500
Collegiate members: NGN3,500
Non members : N10,000
Pay with the following bank details:
Bank: UBA
Account name: Nigeria Junior Chamber
Account Number: 1019703212
Please ensure to click this link to register after payment: http://www.jci.ng/events/area-conference/register/9/OMOLUABI+2018/
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Very limited rooms available.
Details of the rooms for the conference:
IDEAL Nest Hotel: (25): 15,000
(Conference Headquarter Hotel)
RIPPLES Hotel: Standard (8) 6,000 (Collegiate Hotel) 
Luxury (5) 10,000 (Adjacent Conference Headquarters Hotel) 
Galaxy Continental hotel and suite: (12) 10,000 (2minutes drive from Conference Headquarters Hotel)
Payment details 
Account name: JCI Premier
Account number: 9200931551
Bank name: Stanbic ibtc bank
After payment please send details to:
Fagbola Tope 08030827402
Accommodation lead
Adegbaju Christina 08038454123
Host President (JCI PREMIER )
Event to be planned and coordinated by Typearls events