Event planning : How to successfully fulfill the role of an event volunteer

An event volunteer is an individual who is ready and willing to perform assigned tasks for the purpose of hosting a sucessful event without expecting a form of payment.

Who is it for: 
Event planners in training Trainee vendors Events enthusiasts Friends Students Those passionate about the event industry. Natural volunteers

 Job outline: 
Event Volunteers are involved in Planning Coordinating Designing Styling Execution of events And for bigger events, they can be required to perform multiple tasks to oversee accommodation, feeding, registration, vendor sourcing, negotiation, logistics, transport, protocol, awareness, publicity, branding, social media presence ..............

What do they stand to gain: 
-First hand Experience on the job -Exposure to challenges that comes with handling events
-Working with professionals
-Stipends: The event organisers can eventually give the volunteers financial rewards if they are impressed or other benefits such as free feeding, free registration, free accommodation, event kits, access to vip/restricted areas, free pass to paid events.
 -Building network of friendships and team members.
 -Internships with experts
-Recommendations and referrals.

There is lot to be gained by starting an event career being a willing volunteer.
The focus should be on the end and not the means. #volunteers #eventplanning #eventbasics #Typearlsevents

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