As the body and spirit direct. 🍴😪🙏📚📰 Its tough being an entrepreneur, moreso an event planner. Many deadlines to meet, meeting new clients, scheduling interviews and sometimes doing market runs. Usually after a long and hectic day,I head to the kitchen or just order take out for body nutrition, other days I just concentrate on my phone to try to keep myself whats happening on social media and update my pages. Most often, my body protests so much, all it wants to do is lie down and get up later around early morning or midnite to continue. This is my most active period and when planning for another day, project takes place. So usually I do 3,1,2,5 and 4. Some days, the order changes but my objective is to achieve each day's goal. Right now, I am doing 5 but there is a soft comfy bed seducing me , also a delish fried white fish is calling my name. Which should I answer first? #longday #lifeofaneventplanner #eventdiaries #eventdiary #nigerianeventplanner #lagoseventplanner #lagosvendor #eventblogger #typearlsevents