WAKANDA WOMAN AM I? I am a strong, independent,bold and courageous woman , I make decisions in the midst of men and women, I am hardworking, I am dodged, I support other women, I press for progress, I am Christina Ty Adegbaju I am your friend on social media, your trainer on skills acquisition, your event planner at parties and Miss Fix-it. I am loyal, committed to impacting lives positively, fierce and determined. Creativity drives me, excellence motivates me, the impossible challenges me. I am the creative manager of Typearls Events n crafts I am a diy vlogger, events blogger and event guru. I encourage men and women to find their passion and fulfill their purpose. I am the president, Junior Chamber International Premier local organization My seat is among kings and queens. I AM A WONDER WOMAN. A Dora Millaje #eventprof