Yesterday was one of those days, I prayed nothing will go wrong. The birthday planning was on point but didn't expect the celebrant's reaction to be so extreme. Let me give you a background, the celebrant's wife initiated a surprise birthday party package to celebrate 40 years birthday of her husband. She told few friends and family members, just enough people so the secret can be well kept and requested for our help. On Sunday afternoon, she persuaded him to take her and the kids to the mall for shopping and fun. Back home, the crew and friends, we were busy setting up having been let in by a friend. Drinks, music, food and cake. Once done, we put a call through to the wife hinting we were ready. With so much reluctance on the husband's part, they came back home, trust women to always get what they want. And that's when the real drama started. The unsuspecting husband was the first to enter, everywhere was silent. Imagine his fear and surprise when he discovered the doors he locked in the morning were still locked but on opening it, he heard the rendition of "happy birthday to you" from various people. Before the first verse ended, he ran out and almost fainted, save for the intervention of his friends who held him back and calmed him down. He was so shook and so emotional, he was crying and weeping tears of joy. He never exppereit. I was afraid sef that what if he faints or suffers heart attack? God forbid. Because human beings react differently to situations, moreso our shock levels are of varying degrees. It was all in all a sucessful party. However I have also learnt to always check and confirm the emotional state and health status of a client before planning a surprise party for him or her. Abi what do you think? #typearlsevents #surpriseparty #40yearsbirthday #birthdayking #surprises #nigerianeventplanner