Do you agree or nah? Destination weddings or a wedding full of people (friends and total strangers). A destination wedding does not necessarily have to be in maldives, dubai or one of those exotic names. It can be on a beach, resort or even obudu ranch , the beautiful centres that abound all around us here in Nigeria. A wedding with just tge few people that actually matter. Pros: Budget friendly. Less cost dependingon location chosen of course but assumingeach guest is expected to bear his/her cost of transportation/accommodation More intimate Less hassles/stress More time for bonding and enjoying the event Less noisy Easy planning Less demanding on couple and guests. Cons: Prone to offend all the non-invitees (family members, neighbours, colleagues , even those you never knew of their existence prior) Hurting the feelings of everyone who has looked forward to making your wedding their own special day too especially African parents. Unlikely to be rated an Owambe party or gain attention of society pages/social media #destinationwedding #destinationweddingplanner #nigerianweddingaffairs #nigerianwedding #NigerianEventPlanner #nigerianweddings #nigerianweddingplanner #nigeriadestinationwedding #nigerianpartyplanner #plannedwithlove #plannedtoperfection #nigerianvendor #saturdaysareforevents #saturdaysareforweddings #nigerianeventleaders #nigerianeventorganizer #typearlsevents