In these days of social media and internet trolls acting judge and jury between a client and vendor. I want to know if its even right to screenshot messages that are meant to be private and putting them online for world to see. I believe before taking such drastic decision, all avenues of compromise, conflict resolution, Customer appeasement, legal route has been tried with no end results. By taking the matter online, its either one wants to force an action or ruin a business . However I subscribe to call outs if the other party doesn't want to go the peaceful route. I guess in addition to saving emails, one must save chats. Which means in present day world, no means of communication is considered private, the more reason why one must be very careful in his/her choice of words and language. But is posting screenshots not taking it too far? #typearlsevents #eventindustry #fridaynight #eventhappenings #qotd