One major leason I learnt from #bbnaija2018 is this: Attitude is everything . Attitude of employers to employees, bosses to workers, friend to friend, between colleagues, clients and entrepreneurs, business men and customers . A good attitude builds strong and better brand. A bad attitude ruins relationships and demoralizes others. It worsens relations and breaks down all lines of communications. The same applies to vendors, event managers, and service providers. Do not let others words or actions get to us so kuch that we overreact or react negatively and end up destroying years of hard work. Do not provocate others or let your tempers gain the better of you. Always exercise patience and self control no matter the situation or circumstance. This cup shall soon pass. Whatever you do. Have a good attitude. #attitudeiseverything #teamwork #bebetter #bbnaija #wcw #eventinspo #wednesdayinspiration #typearlsevents #typearlslifestyle