How to deal with white sores/boils on the vulva and increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy

One day you wake up and sadly you  discover the itch you have been scratching on the lips of your vagina has suddenly turned to a painful lump. 
During My first experience, I  didn't have enough information, so imagine my confusion when I feel so much wetness,  I was scared if my water has broken so early only for me to find out that during pregnancy there is an increased level of vaginal discharge especially during the second and third trimesters.
You wonder what could have been the cause,  or what is the most effective cure.

Here's what you might observe.

1. Increased vaginal swelling
2. Increased vaginal discharge,  sometimes clear liquid almost like water,  sticky and more during the nights. 
In some  cases,  the discharge is creamy yellow like cottage cheese.
3. The vaginal discharge can emit an irritating smell,  some days it smells,  other days,  there is no associated smell.
4. There is an increased urge to scratch the itching vulva lips, this can leave it sore and after few days,  it turns to painful lumps on either side of the vulva.
5. Uncomfortable sensation while urinating and a need to always wash the vagina.

Here's what to do

1. First,  understand you are not alone,  other women experience same symptoms and have the same issues you have.  Be calm and know what works for your body. 
2. Resist the urge to scratch the vulva as much as possible to prevent it from forming blisters or sores. 
3. Treat for infections,  it can be stis (sexually transmitted infections)  or utis (urinary tract infections),  they can be bacterial or viral infections.  Most likely candidates are thrush, candidiasis, yeast infections,  Clamydia,trichomoniasis, or in worst cases,  syphilis,  gonorrheaa, herpes.  If not sure,  do a pap smear or vaginal swab test to pinpoint the exact infection. 
For milder yeast infections, antibiotics such as amoxyl, ampliclox, flagyl (metronidazole) will clear them up.
Clotrimazole creams Like Ytacan, Canesten can provide relief and mitigate fungal infections. 

4. Take sitz baths, at least once or twice a day.  Boil some water,  allow it to cool to a warm level or mix hot and cold water that is warm enough for you  to sit in,  pour inside a large basin.  Add salt and vinegar (white or apple cider).  Sit in the water for few minutes.  The combination of salt and vinegar will kill all bacteria and reduce swelling. 

4. To reduce the boils/sores/lumps, you  can use a mix of Shea butter and  lavender or tea tree oil, or if not available,  the Shea butter only will do and spread on the affected areas at intervals or after every toilet use.  This will also help remove any unwanted bacteria, fungi, keep the are sterile and reduce pain.
You can take some pain relievers like paracetamol if the pain is unbearable  but never aspirin  while you are pregnant.
5. Keep the vulva clean always,  wash with ordinary water after urinating or toilet use.  Or use wipes.  Never use soap as it strips the vulva of the good bacteria and fluids needed to function.  The vagina is self cleansing,  soaps,  perfumes,  deodorants  can be irritants and contribute more to your problem than solving it.  Avoid  using tissues as they can get stuck in the vulva.
6. To remove pubic hair,  use mild hair removal creams with aloe base and not shaving sticks to avoid ingrown hairs which can also cause lumps to form on the vulva. 
7. Avoid sugary drinks, fast foods and other foods that contribute  to increased acid levels in your body.  They aggravate issues and delay healing.  Know your body,  some foods do more damage and your system might be allergic to them. 

Note : Vulva is the exterior of a woman's reproductive that can be easily  seen ,the lips/labia, while vagina refers to the inside of the reproductive organ that connects to the uterus but  in many of my posts,  vagina has  been used interchangeably to mean vulva.

Important: The views stated here are personal opinions of the author  based on experience and other women's  stories.  They are not to be taken as the ultimate medical solution. 
When in doubt,  visit a specialist for diagnosis and cure.