Typearls list of Ebooks have been created  by different authors who are expert in their various fields to inform and educate you on various businesses, craft tutorials and also help you update your knowledge.

Why you should get one of the ebooks.
1. To update your knowledge: The ebooks contains great content, visual images that shows you step by step procedures, well researched facts and tips that will enlighten and provide pertinent answers to your questions.
2. The ebooks are in pdf format, can be easily read on various screens and they are  optimized for mobile viewing.
3. Having an ebook stored on your Pc or phone makes information available at the touch of your fingers, you can easily access resource any time you want it. 
4. Much effort has been put into making the ebooks a source of useful information, the content will open your mind to possibilities and expose you to secrets on successful ventures. 

See the ebooks available for sale.
1. Ebook on  Agriculture (N5000)
E book on  how to start commercial agriculture in Nigeria
E book on  how to start commercial agriculture in Nigeria  ( Available for N5000)

2. Ebook on Chemical products (Free)
E book on chemical products manufacturing (soaps, creams and perfumes)
E book on chemical products manufacturing (soaps, creams and perfumes) ( Available for N2500)
3. Ebook on beaded jewelry and crafts (N5000)
  A Pdf maual on popular bead dsigns and patterns. Some of the bead projects covered include:
Ebook on beaded jewelry and crafts
Latest bead diys and projects

 1. Elegant trio.
2. Spectacular. 
3. Round Cellini.
4. Flat Cellini.
5. Coat of arm
6. 5 star coat of arm. 
7. Snail shell. 
8. Prawn crackers.
9. V shape pharaoh.
10. Pipe pharaoh
11. Star collar.
12. Black collar. 
13. Star peyote. 
14. Love shape with right angular weaving. 
15. Flatron.
16. Twisted spiral
17. V connect
18. Leaf. 
19. Chevron with brooch. 
20. Carpet or mat
21. Tulip.
22. Beaded Purse
23. Beaded Tie
24. Bead Flowers
25. Abuja connection
26. Layered bead 
27. Beaded scarf
28. Spiral bead
32. Teddy bear bead
33. Craw
34. Herringbone
35. Bead petals
And more....
29. Wonuola 
30. Ebola 
31. Twisted  bead 

 Introduction to beads and beading tools
Where to source your bead materials from.
How to sell your beads and turn passion to profit

4. Ebook on Natural and organic skincare

Basic (N10000)
What you will learn 
1.) Facial mask 2) Body scrub 3) How to make baby hair growth oil 4) Whitening cream 5) Body shower gel 6) Half cast cream 7) Half cast serum 8) Baby body glowing cream 9). Baby soap 10) Baby hair shampoo 11) Hot chocolate body butter 12) How to light dark thighs and armpit 13) How to make whitening body scrub 14) stretch marks removal 15) How to remove skin tag 16) Shea butter and mango lotion 17) Goat milk lotion 18) strectch marks cream 19) Egyptians body lotion 20) Body peeling oil 21) Breast firming mask and oil 22) Dark knuckles and armpit removal 23) Whitening serum 24) Natural hair cream
Advanced (20,000)
In addition to basic courses outlined above, you will also learn :
The making of black soap base mixes, lightening and whitening. *Facial wipes for acne *lightening Bathe gels *Formulating for dry Skin *Formulating for oily skin *Extreme Whitening Lotion *Normal Whitening Lotion *Repairing and Whitening Collagen lotion *Vitamin Enriched lotion * Skin Actives *Characteristics *Solvents for dissolution *how to keep them stable in products *Sunburn and hyper pigmentation treatment *Anti ageing and Whitening face cream *Acne and re *Whitening bath gel *Body scrub recipe *Body butter recipes *Causes and treatment of skin reactions from products *Steps to perfect and safe Skin Whitening. * Stretch marks treatment, dark knuckles, dark feets, varicose veins etc *Skin repair cream Skin lightening/whitening cream
How to mix *Egyptian milk (Kamana) *Thai milk *Snow fresh milk *Fillipino Milk Production of natural oils like carrot oil,avocado oli, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, etc. Labelling product and bottling.

Order for yours now while the book prices are cheap.

To pay and buy any of the e books:
1. Make a payment into
Typearls events and crafts
Diamond bank plc

2. Send an email to typearls@gmail.com. Subject : Ebook
3. Once payment is received and confirmed, a link will be sent to you to download the eBook. 

To request for free eBooks and PDFs manuals, drop a comment below


Unknown said…
Request free eBook and pdf's manual's
Unknown said…
Request free eBook and pdf's manual's
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Quite helpful for today's entrepreneurs. I wouldn't mind getting a free copy of this inspiring ebook. Kudos.
Good day Florence, kindly drop your email, a copy of the ebook will be sent to you. Thanks
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E book on beads @ ogonnasweet@yahoo.com . Thanks so much
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zee said…
The beading ebook precisely, thank you.
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Pls ll like to buy the beading ebook. How much is it pls reply me asap
The ebook is N5000 only.
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Interested in the free eBook lawrence_ife@yahoo.com
Interested in the free eBook lawrence_ife@yahoo.com
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Ok tnx. Cant i u reduce the price a bit ma. If i send the moni into the diamond acct how do i get the book pls?
The book is in pdf format, will be sent to you via whatsapp or email.
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Oby-Rex said…
Pls am interested on the e-book on beads. Lorlor.bakay@gmail.com
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